Burges Salmon

Burges Salmon, an international law firm based in Bristol, sought to select a Content Management System (CMS) and a partner to implement the CMS, create a new website and deliver associated digital marketing tools.

The first task was to gather business requirements by running partner workshops, reviewing existing documentation and asking questions to fill in the gaps. This was all collated into a coherent requirements document.

An initial Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) reduced the number of possible suppliers and additional input from those responses helped to refine the main tender document.

Responders to the Invitation to Tender (ITT) were scored and presentations delivered to the client.

Ultimately, the objective was to scope a detailed initial project, with further phases leading towards a long term vision, ensuring that the same implementation partner could deliver in the short term, while also having confidence that the same software and partner could meet the most agressive of long term visions.