Co Company

Co Company is a consultancy specialising in behavioural change to improve company performance. As well as a core team, they have quite a number of associates that they call on when a project demands particular skills.

The client wished to improve their communication and engagement with the wider group of consultants and thereafter build to delivering professional email communications to their clients. We delivered our training course at their offices, with specially designed training exercises.

Founding Partner TA Mitchell reported that “Elisabeth and her team really helped us up our thinking on how we can be more impactful with our communications to associates and our clients. She tailored the course to a mixed audience of technical and business people and enabled us to get started quickly. Our first campaign had an amazing impact in terms of raising our professionalism. Also understanding who was reading our campaigns and what we could do to raise open rates has really made a difference. I highly recommend this course for any company looking to move into the next generation of email communication. If done properly, it doesn’t need to take much more time and the returns in terms of insight gain are worth the effort. The team can really help you make your communications come to life in line with your brand and contain the investment of your internal resources required to deliver and manage this process.”