In a joint project with our design partner, Creative Worx, we have brought the exciting new brand of LiveLoveLino to the online marketplace.

The flooring company behind LiveLoveLino have previously only sold to the contract market and this is their first venture into selling directly to consumers.

Our first task was to work with our branding associate to come up with a name and whole new brand concept. The interiors market is extremely crowded, so we differentiated the site by focussing on the drivers that would determine customer choice, namely problems to solve (such as minimising allergic reactions or easy clean properties) or choosing a particular colour, for example. The site design then built on this, conveying a contemporary and energetic feel.

A lot of thought went into presenting the vast array of products in such as way as to facilitate easy navigation and to maximise SEO opportunities. We believe we have come up with an innovative database design to support this in a way which is seamless and friendly to the customer.