Warwick Bookman & Associates

The brief from Warwick Bookman & Associates, a commercial property company specialising in reducing property costs for occupiers, was to produce a website that could be readily updated without having to revert to a developer, particularly in terms of adding client case studies as projects are completed. The business owner also wanted the site to benefit from improved search engine recognition.

We felt that online selling “products” would work well to demonstrate client “projects” and would also provide an easy way to update this information, add images, etc. for a non-technical user. We used short descriptions to summarise the projects in terms of client benefit, giving persuasive headlines.

Powa also makes it extremely easy to manage SEO information, including page titles, page descriptions and keywords. With the best will in the world, it is not easy to specify these perfectly during the development phase, so the ability to easily change them on an ongoing basis without having to root around in the HTML is great for the end user.

As part of the project, we worked with our design partner, Creative Worx, to update the client’s existing logo to include the “established” date to reinforce the level of experience in an industry where much of the competition is from very young businesses. Creative Worx then designed the look and feel of the site around the new logo and our technical brief.

We have used many of the principles of best practice design for online shops in constructing this site, which has worked well for Warwick Bookman & Associates both in terms of generating new enquiries and serving as a reinforcement for potential clients considering using them – a major objective of websites for professional services firms.