World Duty Free

Elisabeth joined World Duty Free as Project Manager to push live a Magento project that had been struggling. There were also imminent penalties from airport partners if the site was not delivered in good time. The departure of a senior manager on sabbatical within a few weeks led to Elisabeth’s initial technical role being increased to effectively become Head of eCommerce for the UK, recruiting and developing a new team as well as managing a sizeable budget.

The new website represented a quantum leap in the online capabilities of World Duty Free, which owns and runs the duty free stores at most UK airports. The site offers the ability to pre-order products at all relevant airports, with a new service known as “Reserve and Collect”. This was a whole new business process for the organisation, as well as a large scale digital project.

Having managed to put the site live, significant stability issues and other factors contributed to the necessity of moving it to a different agency. Time was at a premium, so recommendations and references were are key part of the selection process which brought Inviqa in as ongoing development partner.

With Inviqa in place, the team could focus on growing sales and further developments.

A parallel site was built for staff sales, a significant improvement on a very old site that was extremely difficult to use, resulting in immediate and sizeable increase in sales of products to internal and contract staff.

Finally, the initial service with orders fulfilled from store, was extended to allow orders placed in good time to be fulfilled from the warehouse. This meant that a much wider range of products could be delivered to customers, with particular benefit at medium-sized airports where store space is limited, but an affluent travelling public has an appetite for a wider range of products.

With all of these technical improvements in place, the site was handed over to an internal manager to grow and develop revenue.

Contract duration just under 2 years.